Before I started working for Green Truck, I had no idea how intense the food truck business was (and I mean that in the best way possible). It’s still a relatively new concept, especially on the East Coast. I figured, hey, the truck just goes where it wants, sells some food, and calls it a day. But that’s just scratching the surface.

 Green Truck was started ten years ago by Kam Micelli and Mitchell Collier, who did everything themselves, from working the truck to sales. Today, Green Truck has its own office space and food commissary, with a full commercial kitchen. Our event space can be rented out, we have four trucks, and even a business team. We cater a variety of private events, from birthday parties to weddings to productions. We also work with Food Truck Stops LA, which books over fifty other food trucks in LA.

 So what makes Green Truck so special? If you google “food truck LA” or “catering LA”, you’ll be bombarded with results and it makes it difficult to choose. But there’s a reason Green Truck is one of the leading food trucks and business pioneers. I’m coming up on my second month of working here, and I can say confidently that the care, commitment, and innovation behind each person at Green Truck ensures everyone walks away satisfied.

 Although I’m vegetarian, I’m not the best at always eating healthy. Green Truck uses only organic and local foods, maintaining sustainability. Having just spent four years in Vermont,  the farm-to-table (or truck) concept has become so much more important. Nothing is processed or shipped from somewhere across the country—everything is fresh and usually made in-house. I know it’s crazy, but before working here, I didn’t even like avocado. After seeing the delectable green slices topping the Superfood Salad and Paleo Bowls, I was converted.  Our classic menu is popular on our street routes, but we have a variety of other options available for private events.

 As the Sales & Marketing Representative, I speak with a lot of prospective clients. We get multiple inquiries a day to book our truck, and it’s clear that whether you’re a first time customer or have eaten at Green Truck many times, people want our food.  They know that we deliver a positive experience, from your first phone call to service on the day of the event, and we will work with you as a partnership.

 Lots of exciting new things are happening under the Green Truck umbrella, including this blog! If you have any suggestions for posts or things you want to see, shoot us an email at And make sure you follow us on social media to see where our trucks are (Facebook: Green Truck, Twitter: GreenTruck, Instagram: GreenTruck_LA).