Are you a School or Nonprofit?

Use Food Truck Genie to Book Food Trucks to Raise Money For Your Cause

What is Food Truck Genie?

Food Truck Genie can be used as a fundraising tool for your school or nonprofit. You make a Wish detailing your event time, location, and menu preference. Once the minimum amount of pre-orders is met, the booking is confirmed for the trucks service at the designated date, time, and location. There will be no charges until the order goal is met. 

How does it work?


How does payment work?

 If the minimum is not reached your card will not be charged. Parents can pre-order for children, so no credit card is needed. Pre-ordering through the genie gives you an exclusive discount.

How do I use as a fundraiser?

When you make your wish, use the mark up tool. You can choose how many dollars to mark up the price of the meal ticket. Say you mark up a $15 ticket by $2 and 200 people purchase a ticket. You will receive all $400 to keep for yourself.

Benefits of Genie. 

Select from a wide variety of trucks. You get the the whole menu to choose from instead of one selecting item. 

Have more questions?

E-mail or call (310) 204-0477 ext. 2